Easy transportation at your fingertip


Comogo is the future of urban mobility: flexible, easy to use and mobile. The personal transport app that combines public transport and new mobility solutions to give you the ultimate experience of freedom


Comogo provides a comprehensive global platform for mobility service providers, businesses, and consumers. We enable you to go where you want, when you want, with the solution that fit you the best, with just a click of a button.

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One App for all

Select your location and set the destination you prefer, see all the available transportation solutions and the best available routes


Visualise the different options, detailed prices, duration and distance for all available routes and solutions


check the service that fit your needs the best and buy the ticket or book the service. Enjoy your trip!

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Simplicity and convenience applied to every mobility solution. 



Freedom to move with any transport mode, whenever and wherever you need.



A simple way to access and use many services from one application. Where ever you are.



Transparent price calculation, cost benefit analysis. One signup and one single account.

Our mission

At Comogo we believe in better and a more sustainable cities. We want transport to be more convenient and more democratic. For this reason we put our users and our partners in the center of our focus, creating innovation and solutions that will satisfy the everyday traveling needs by the click of a button. For an easier and more convenient future of mobility.

Soon live in your city. Stay tuned! 

Comogo is the future of mobility, be part of it right now! If you haven’t already, signup today! We will  keep you up to date with what’s happening at Comogo in your city.